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The Carolinas AAPI Business Alliance is dedicated to helping our community, not just in the present, but also the future. We established the CABA Scholarship Foundation because we know the future of the community will one day be in the hands of the younger generation and we understand that helping a deserving student today can be a lasting impact. These scholarships have the ability to transform students’ lives as it shows that the world believes and supports them and give the students more control of their situation, goals and future. Anyone who has received a scholarship knows the tremendous amount of stress it can alleviate as well as the amount of support and confidence it can instill.The scholarships will provide underprivileged students in the Carolinas the resources they need in order to excel and achieve their dreams. They will provide students funding for their interest in study-abroad programs to Asia to promote culture exchange, they will provide Asian American students majoring political science pursue their goal of being a public servant to help with the discrepancy in government representation, and they will provide students interested in international business with their goals to foster a more global and united world. Our organization does not just stop at the funding. A student receiving any of our scholarships will also have the support and network of our organization. They will be invited to our events and have access to a network of leaders in our community.Please use the following link to apply the CABA scholarship by the end of May, 2024.

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